iOS Instructor at The Iron Yard


Mohammad Azam is an iOS Instructor at The Iron Yard. Before joining The Iron Yard, Azam served as a senior mobile developer at, A Home Depot company. Azam led the mobile team at to develop the Home Depot blinds/shades online experience. Previously, Azam has worked as a team lead for many large companies including Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, AIG and VALIC.

Azam has also published 8-10 personal apps to the App Store, including Vegetable Tree – Gardening Guide which was featured by Apple as the best gardening app in the App Store. Azam is also active on YouTube and maintains his popular channel “AzamSharp” where he shares his iOS knowledge. Azam is also a Udemy instructor where he has published courses on “Swift 2.0” and “iOS MapKit Development Using Swift Language”.

Azam also frequently contributes iOS articles to the Code Magazine and talks at different iOS conferences all around the country. Before entering the iOS community Azam was an active member of the Microsoft .NET community. Azam was also awarded Microsoft MVP award due to his contributions in the .NET community.

When not developing iOS applications Azam likes to spend time with his family and plan his next trip to the unknown corners of the world.

Session I

Taming The Massive Controllers

iOS development architecture is based on the MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller). MVC allows for separation of concerns, with the controller being responsible for orchestrating the flow of the application. Unfortunately, many times the controller becomes the point of neglect, and grows out of control.

In this session, you’ll discover how to tame the massive beast: the controller. Together, we’ll start with an out-of-control controller and work our way around to making it light and lean.

This session involves live coding with a minimal slide deck.

Session II

Simplify your Life with Messages Extensions in iOS 10

In this session, you’ll be introduced to Messages Extensions in iOS 10 using Swift 3. Messages Extensions hooks into the existing Messages app and provide additional features and functionalities to the users. Azam will explain how to build a custom extension from scratch and will also share his experiences of building multiple extensions.

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Episode 61 – Mohammad Azam

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