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Janie is an independent iOS developer and author. Prior to this, she spent a year apprenticed to a super genius programming robots and learning the forgotten ways of long term software maintenance and development. Janie is the coauthor on several books on iOS and Swift development. She writes her various musings on her blog at

Janie lives outside of Madison, Wisconsin with her attempted grumble of pugs and multitude of programming books. Janie recently started cooking as a hobby and tortures her Twitter followers with pictures of her efforts. She likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain, but she’s not into yoga.

* Janie is also volunteering her time at the conference to help make it an event to remember.


Here’s To The Crazy Ones

“Must be willing to relocate to San Francisco.”
“Must be a 10x engineer.”
“Working with disruptive technology.”
“Must be willing to work at least 60 hours a week, more during crunch.”

All around us, we are surrounded by statements of what is considered ‘normal’ in software development. These statements are taken as true, and if you don’t conform to them, then you can’t cut it. These practices are making us sick, and many of us are burning out.

In this powerful session, Janie talks about not compromising your mental health to conform to a bogus version of society.

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Episode 41 - Janie Clayton

Roundabout: Creative Chaos focuses on many different topics. However, the heart of the show is creativity. We enjoy the personal stories our guests share about themselves and their careers. Our hope is that we can help our listeners gain the confidence and insight they need in order to achieve their own personal goals.