Join us on a tour of The Black Abbey Brewing Company

About The Brewery
The Black Abbey brews ales that are creative, accessible and unique. The rely on 600 years of brewing tradition, starting with styles that Martin Luther himself might have enjoyed.

Tour Information
Each tour is about 45 minutes and includes a souvenir pint glass (sweet!), 1 16oz beer and a guided tour of the brewery, not to mention tales of Black Abbey lore and tales inspired by real events.

When is the tour?
The tour is scheduled for Thursday September 15, 2016 at 2 PM. This is the day before the conference. Transportation is provided. We ordered a bus!

How much is the tour?
Hint… it’s free for attendees. More about that later.

Normally, the tour is $10. However, the fine folks at The Black Abbey Brewing Company have reduced the price to $7. They’re also throwing in a buy one pint/get one pint free voucher (you’ll find this inside your swag bag). =] For those who can’t make the tour, your vouchers will still be valid.

So, why is it free for attendees? Because Indie DevStock has you covered. Consider it a thank you from us for helping to make our first year epic.

Sign Up For The Tour
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