About The Scholarship Program
This program exists with the hope that we can bring even more diversity and inclusivity to Indie DevStock. Did you know that 66% of our speakers come from underrepresented groups in tech? Let’s shoot for a similar number for our attendees.

Am I Eligible?
The Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship Program serves a dual purpose. Firstly, the scholarship exists to help support our community members who come from traditionally underrepresented groups. Secondly, we started this program to assist individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend due to financial reasons, such as students.

Perhaps one day we’ll split these out; but for now, they are combined into a single scholarship program.

How Can I Help?
The Ladies of Indie DevStock invite you to contribute to the Diversity and Inclusivity Scholarship Program. Donations toward the scholarship program can be done right from our registration page. You do not need to register for Indie DevStock in order to contribute. Your support matters, and we appreciate it.

* Regardless of the amount raised, Indie DevStock will be offering at least TWO scholarship. With your help, we can offer even more.

How Do I Apply For The Scholarship?
If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, which covers your Indie DevStock registration fee ($570), please use the form below. Thank you.


** CLOSED **

Congratulations To Our Winners

Josh Kuehn (@josh_qn)

Hunter Anderson (@Hunterminater)

In addition to our regular scholarship program, Tammy Coron is sponsoring two women at Indie DevStock. Sponsorship covers 100% of the registration costs ($570). If you’re interested, please email Tammy and let her know. UPDATE: These spots have been filled.