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A conqueror of mediocrity, Francie Van Wirkus is a professional coach in the insurance and financial services industry, with an Agile, Lean and sales focus. She helps people take sustainable steps toward their goals. Her innovative ways of leading and sustaining change have helped lead a large IT transformation effort. Francie is a certified coach, keynote speaker, author, and host of CL&I Radio, an internal corporate radio show focused on all things continuous learning and improvement.

She is co-host of Agile Bettys, a fun, motivational podcast about living an agile lifestyle. Francie enjoys racing in Ironman competitions and lives in Wisconsin with her husband and three delightful children.


Mindful Developers With A Champion Heart

Are you losing focus because change is hitting you from all sides? Do meetings and technology disrupt most of your day? Gah!

If your business is missing mindfulness, you’re missing out. Making regular time to reflect and plan isn’t just about sanity checks — it’s about helping you to weather any storm blown your way. Mindfulness — when done right — provides calm and clarity, which exponentially enhances problem solving and creativity.

Once you practice mindfulness, you’re free to grow a champion heart. Like a runner who doesn’t quit, successful creatives and business owners must be resilient to continually improve their game.

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Episode 56 - Agile Bettys

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