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Curtis Herbert is an independent iOS developer who has been on the platform since the original SDK was released. He’s usually working on both the design and development of iOS apps for his clients, giving him a unique perspective of those intersecting worlds. He’s recently turned his attention to transforming his side app, Slopes, into a full-time business with great results. (Design, developer, and business-dude? Oh my!)


Staying Indie

The App Store has changed the software business. Many struggle to make a living developing and selling apps. With ten apps solving the same problem, how do you make your app stand out? More importantly, how do you get potential customers to spend money on your app when all they can think about is spending it on Clash of Clans?

In this session, Curtis shows you “how to stay indie”. He explains what’s worked for him, and how you can find success. He also challenges you to rethink what’s holding you back.

Last year, Curtis got serious about turning his indie app, Slopes, into a larger part of his business. Since then, Slopes has turned into a reliable source of recurring revenue which continues to grow. By rethinking many of his past assumptions about app development and sales, he’s seen a dramatic increase in app revenue since last year.

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Episode 51 - Curtis Herbert

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