Remote Access Pass: Indie DevStock ’16


Couldn't make it to Nashville for Indie DevStock 2016? No worries. This all access pass grants you access to all of the recorded sessions. We've also included some special bonus content for you!

Don't miss out on this opportunity to watch Simon Allardice, Ellen Shapiro, Greg Heo and more at Indie DevStock.

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Product Description

Indie DevStock 2016 Session Recordings

Our speakers will share their stories, experiences and ideas with you. Through their words, you’ll gain a better understanding of the challenges indies face and more importantly, how to overcome them. It doesn’t matter if you’re currently a successful indie developer, just starting out or trying to decide if ‘going indie’ is right for you — we’re all in this together.

Sessions Include

Day 1
* Free | Welcome & Introductions - Angela Scott
* Free | Keynote: We’re All Mad Here - Tammy Coron
* No One Is An Island - Joe Cieplinski
* Taming The Massive Controllers - Mohammad Azam
* Not All Who Wander Are Lost - Angela Scott
* Simplify your Life with Messages Extensions in iOS 10 - Mohammad Azam
* More Than Just Development - Tim Mitra
* 26 Techniques To Improve, Learn, Create, Share and Ship - Simon Allardice
* Here’s To The Crazy Ones - Janie Clayton
* Playgrounds Workshop - Simon Allardice & Tammy Coron

Day 2
* Staying Indie - Curtis Herbert
* A History Of Tools - Michele Titolo
* Compilers Aren’t Magic, So Let’s Build One In Swift - Ben DiFrancesco
* Mindful Developers With A Champion Heart - Francie Van Wirkus
* Supporting Multiple Platforms With Swift - Greg Heo
* The True Adventures Of A Part Time Indie - Ellen Shapiro

* LIVE Podcast: More Than Just Roundabout Release Notes - Joe Cieplinski, Tammy Coron, Greg Heo, Jaime Lopez, Tim Mitra
* Additional Video & Photography

Welcome & Introductions | Keynote: We’re All Mad Here

**** Access to recorded content will be granted as it becomes available.
All content is expected to be released no later than November 01, 2016. ****


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