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Greg is a software developer, sometimes writer, and full-time Canadian from Toronto. He has been a computer nerd ever since the Commodore 64 days, and currently spends his days working on iOS at Instagram HQ in Menlo Park, California. When he’s not knee-deep in some view hierarchy or preparing a conference talk, Greg enjoys writing code, long walks thinking about code, and listening to podcasts about code.


Supporting Multiple Platforms With Swift

Swift has been publicly available for two years. During that time, we’ve been building apps for our Apple phones, watches, desktops, TVs, etc. Now that Swift is open source, the way is clear to support multiple platforms and devices outside the usual Apple ecosystem.

In this session, Greg talks about how to think cross-platform. He’ll demonstrate the state of sharing Swift code across the stack — from apps to command line, to the web. If you’re not an expert with Swift, that’s OK; there will be plenty of takeaways regardless of your Swift skill level. This is a live coding session. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore something new.

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Episode 28 - Greg Heo

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