Software Engineer


Michele Titolo is not at all worried about a robot uprising. Making software professionally since 2010, she has seen enough codebases without tests to know our future is safe. By day she is a Lead Software Engineer at Capital One and Advisor to Women Who Code. By night she travels the world advocating for high quality and maintainable code.


A History Of Tools

From the Stone Age to the present day, humans have used tools to make their lives easier. These tools started out as crude instruments for life in the wilderness, but have advanced to where we build tools, that build tools.

Software is one of the most sophisticated tools ever created. Like other tools, it can fall into the same traps, like becoming overcomplicated or obsolete.

Together, we’ll walk through history exploring notable and notorious tools. We’ll investigate exactly what being a successful tool means, and how you can use this knowledge to create better software (and better tools) in the future.

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Episode 25 - Michele Titolo

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